The GSH Casino Parties Story Part 3 (2015)

How do you go about making one of the biggest decisions of your life? I needed to hire someone who was intelligent, motivated, and knowledgeable about the casino theme party industry and willing to work for only a percentage of the profits (since I couldn’t afford to pay a salary). After interviewing a couple of people, I had decided Mike Oboikovitz was the right person for the job. Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Mike had been residing in the Chicagoland area for the last 5 years. He began dealing at the young age of 14 in the casino theme party business in Florida. Mike quickly made a name for himself in the Chicago market as a great dealer and soon transitioned to conducting events, eventually becoming the general manager of one of the big casino-themed event companies. In 2015 Mike came on board the GSH Group and we were ready to take on the industry giants. We were two young guys with a ton of experience, a great work ethic, and a passion for conducting high-quality events!

With Mike as general manager we were now in a position to grow, and grow we did. In 2015 we were able to conduct 40 outstanding casino theme parties. That was more than twice as many as I had done on my own in 2014. Not only had we hosted more casino theme parties, we also were able to employ many more people (Casino party set up staff and casino party dealers). I am a big believer that the way to build a sustainable business over the long term is by having high-quality people, good systems, and a product/service that people covet. I am proud to say we still pay one of the highest wages to our workers in the entire casino theme party industry. In 2015, we worked with some large companies such as CarMax and Home Depot. We conducted some big events, including 15 tables at Itasca Country Club and 12 tables at Providence High School. Our growth was substantial with Mike on board but we were just getting started.

We continue to grow because we differentiate ourselves from the competition in four key ways:

  1. High-quality acasino theme party nd well-maintained casino equipment.
  2. The most entertaining staff.
  3. Outstanding customer service.
  4. Our drive as young entrepreneurs.

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