Chicago Casino Theme Parties

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How It All Began

“I can do it better than these guys,” I had been telling myself for years while traveling to set up and deal at Chicago casino parties. I had been all over Chicago and the suburbs and had even traveled to Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio to conduct events.   And for what? So other people could take all the credit, make all the money, and not listen to any of my suggestions?   A lot of people have ideas and inspirations, but most of those never get off the ground.  Dealers had talked for years about starting their own casino party companies.   I had even received an offer to partner up with a dealer to start a casino party company, but decided it was not a good fit.  Instead, in 2014 with my experience and determination, I decided I could make it happen on my own.

Our Growing Success

GSH Casino Parties officially opened in January, 2014.  Like any small business starting out, there were exciting times and some obstacles along the way. If you are interested in more of the details of the early months of GSH, read blogs here, here, and here. The short story is that we have been able to quickly establish ourselves as a leader in Chicago casino parties.  We have grown over 150% each year since 2014.  We continue to grow because we differentiate ourselves from the competition in four key ways:

  • We consistently deliver high-quality and well-maintained casino equipment.
  • We provide staff that are professional, well-trained, and entertaining.
  • We value each customer and extend outstanding customer service to all.
  • We are motivated by our drive to succeed as young entrepreneurs.

Our ongoing growth depends on our ability to keep making our customers happy.  We want to make every single casino themed party that we organize a success.  If you’re ready to schedule your party or just have some questions for us, call us today or fill out our form and we’ll contact you!