Pop-Up Casino Party 

Pop-Up Casino Party 

If you hate dealing with details, The GSH Group’s Pop-Up Casino Party is exactly what you need.  The term “Pop-Up Casino” describes how quick and easy a Casino Party is when you choose GSH Casino Parties as host.  With its professional staff, The GSH Group can create and physically make a casino “pop-up” at any place in a matter of a few hours.  And a Pop-Up Casino Party leaves the organizer(s) free to mingle with guests and join in the fun.

Pop-Up Casino Venue

If you need to arrange a charitable fundraising event or to plan entertainment for your company, school, or other organization, a Pop-Up Casino Party is incredibly easy. A Pop-Up Casino Party can be held at almost any venue—from a hotel ballroom to a bar to VFW hall. The venue for a Pop-Up Casino Party depends only on the number of guests and the type of games you select. Just like other pop-ups, it is a one-time, limited-hours entertainment event.

Food and Beverages

Like any other party, a Pop-Up Casino Party requires some food and beverages to be successful. However, the choice is yours. Food can be as simple as some snacks and drinks or as elaborate as a buffet dinner with a bar. The degree of formality and theme of a Pop-Up Casino Party are also a matter of choice. Anything from a Vegas-style bash with showgirls to an informal group of friends around a poker table works for a Casino Party.


A Pop-Up Casino Party poses no problem for guests without gaming experience. The GSH Group’s knowledgeable and professional dealers can teach gaming. And there are no worries about losses as in an actual casino since only “funny money” is used. It is nice to provide some type of prize for a high roller at the end of the evening but it is not required.

Schedule Pop-Up Casino Party

What are you waiting for?  Just pop over to the GSH Casino Parties website to schedule your Pop-Up Casino Party or call 847-391-8556.  Mike and Girard are available to answer questions and help you plan your Pop-Up Casino Party.

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