Tips and Tricks to Follow For a Fantastic Casino Night Fundraiser

casino nightConsidering that 40 million people play poker regularly, why don’t you host a casino night fundraiser for your next event? These group casino parties work a little bit differently compared to other fundraising events in that guests purchase tickets before the event, rather than buying them at the door. The ticket price includes a specific amount of chips, and if guests run out of chips they can purchase more as the night goes on.

A casino theme party offers a fresh, fun way for companies to fund-raise, but it can be easy to forget the details. To make sure everything goes as planned for your casino night, follow these tips.

Start planning at least six months in advance
The more time you have to plan your fundraiser, the better. Not only will you need to make sure all the details are set in place before the big day, you will want to be confident you have sold enough tickets to make the event successful.

Hire a professional company
You may be wondering how hiring a professional company can be beneficial for someone who is trying to raise money, instead of spending it. However, it’s money well spent because a professional company can help you create an incredible atmosphere no matter the budget or the venue. Plus, the experienced dealers will ensure your guests forget they are at a fundraiser and make them feel as if they are at an upscale casino!

Find sponsors for your tables
Offering a local business the ability for signage at your event in exchange for a lump sum will go a long way to cover the cost of the event. You can incorporate their names via a sign on the table, or by giving out promotional material prizes. The opportunities are endless, and it can help establish a partnership for the future.

Include a fundraiser within a fundraiser
Don’t stop the fundraising with the ticket sales. Incorporate a silent auction — this offers another opportunity for additional sponsors — throughout the night. Having a live auction will help move people around during the event and keep players from staying at one table for too long.

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