How to throw an Awesome Poker Party

Picture this:  It is Friday night and you are having your buddies over for a poker night. How hard can that be?  If you want to do it right, then you need to read the four tips below on how to throw an awesome poker party. Poker Party

1.) Poker table: Poker tables come in all shapes and sizes. The number of people you are having determines how small you can go.  The rule of thumb is  to have space enough for your guests to stretch out.  You don’t want your friends sitting on top of each other, do you?  In general a 9- to 10-person oval table is better than a 6-player octagon.

2.) Chips and cards:  It is wise do invest in a decent set of chips and high-quality playing cards.   Chips can easily be purchased inexpensively online.  When purchasing poker chips, you want to make sure they are of decent weight and preferably have a denomination on them.  Playing cards are much more important than chips.  A couple of good decks of Copag playing cards go a long way.  While paper cards last for hours, Copag cards will last for years!

3.) Food & beverages:  I have yet to see a poker game where the guests didn’t have food and drink.  If you are planning a sit-down dinner, make sure you schedule plenty of time to eat before the poker game begins.  If you are going to eat while playing, sandwiches, pretzels, and beer are better than pizza, chicken wings, and wine.  If possible, have plenty of tables where players can place plates and garbage.

4.) Dealer:  A professional dealer makes the difference between a good night of poker and a memorable one.  A professional dealer is invaluable for a poker night.  The dealer will not only shuffle and deal the cards (things most players can’t or don’t want to do) but also will pass out chips, raise blinds, color up chips, run the poker tournament, explain the rules, explain etiquette, and arbitrate in the case of player disputes.

These four simple tips will help you have a memorable poker party!  For additional information on poker nights and multiple table poker events, check out Texas hold’em night.

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