Casino Theme Birthday Party

Casino Theme Birthday Party

Sam won so much on his hand of blackjack that he just took Candice (the dealer) entire tray of chips. All she could do is throw her hands up and celebrate!

Looking for a fun, new, or unique birthday party idea?  Why not try a Casino Theme Birthday Party?  Contrary to popular belief, a Casino Theme Birthday Party does not involve real money, is not difficult to pull off, and at a per-person cost it is not very expensive.  Below are five tips on how to have a fun Casino Theme Birthday Party.

1.) Include Everyone.  Casino Theme Birthday Parties are great way to include everyone in the fun– Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, friends, and kids.  Moreover, there is no age limit at a “funny money” Casino Theme Birthday Party so everyone can get involved.  Grandpa might be the leader at the poker table, while Jessica and Mike get their first experience at blackjack.

2.) Learn, Live, & Laugh.  A Casino Theme Birthday Party is a great way to learn casino games.  Craps is the game that we are most often requested to teach.  We usually spend an hour or so getting everyone involved and teaching the basics.  The final two or three hours are a no-holds barred of fun,laughs and high fives.

3.) Make It a Competition.  Pick up a few inexpensive prizes and award them to the top three to five guests who accumulate the most chips throughout the night.  Some gift ideas include wine, gift baskets, gift cards, poker chip sets, or quality decks of Copag playing cards.

4.) Surprise! Surprise!  Who doesn’t love a good surprise party?  Hit the birthday guy/gal with a double whammy by making the next surprise birthday a memorable Casino Theme Birthday Party.

5.) Relax.   Give GSH Casino Parties a call two months before your party, and we’ll lock in the date and reserve the gaming tables you want.  That will give you plenty of time to get out invitations and is just long enough to keep it hush- hush if it is a surprise Casino Theme Birthday Party.  We will contact you a week before to go over all the logistics and make sure we keep the surprise intact.

Birthday parties are fun! Casino Theme Birthday Parties are both FUN and MEMORABLE.

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