The GSH Casino Parties Story Part 7 (2019)

Kevin Muckian

Starting in 2019 one of our main goals was to be able to do more events per night without compromising any of our first-class standards.  We had conducted a consistent dealer training program and had lots of fantastic dealers.  We had some large events in 2018 but now began receiving requests for multiple events to be held on the same night.  Once again we needed to order more tables.  We contacted our table manufacturer by phone and ordered enough equipment to be able to host up to ten events simultaneously in a single evening.

Mike, Viki, and I were a great team but it was again time for the team to grow. In 2019 we brought in Kevin Muckian to help with logistics and to manage our warehouse.  Kevin had been on our loading and dealing teams for years and was a natural fit for the new position.  He had prior experience in warehouse management and was a great addition to GSH Casino Parties.

Since 2014 we had been renting trucks to move our equipment.  Although we had a corporate account and priority rentals, there were still some challenges. When companies overbook (like our truck rental place did) some people did not get a truck despite their reservation for one.  This was, and continues to be, one of the reasons why we never have overbooked or scheduled events without being sure we can provide the necessary equipment and staff.  Thinking back, we had some close calls but we never were without a truck for our events.  While our busiest time of year was (and is) the end-of-year holidays, guess who else is busy at that time of year?  During the holiday season, everyone expects delivery of packages.  We were competing for trucks with the likes of UPS, Fed Ex, and Amazon (a.k.a.” the death star”).  In order to be more self-sustaining,  we purchased two trucks.  We now had the tables, vehicles, loaders, dealers, and office staff in place to have our biggest year ever.  In 2019 we set a record with 207 casino parties!  What 2020 was to bring no one could have imagined!

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