How to Set Up and Plan a Fundraiser in 5 Steps

how to set up a fundraiserAre you looking to raise money for your business, or a cause that you care deeply for? Well, you may be asking yourself “how do I even get this started?” Party planning can be quite complex and between figuring out unique fundraising ideas and corporate event venues, you might feel overwhelmed. But don’t fret — we have you covered! Here is our How to Set Up a Fundraiser: Checklist to get the ball rolling.

Step one: Decide on your purpose

Before anything else, it is crucial you decide on the purpose of your event. Figuring out who the money will benefit will be able to help you figure out a bunch of other little details including your budget, the cost of the tickets, and how many people you will invite.

Step two: Look at other events in your area to get a good idea of what to expect

You don’t want to create a huge event just to find out that no one is interested. Looking around for ideas and inspiration is always a good idea because then you can understand what will be coming your way! After all, the last thing you want is an ill-prepared fundraiser.

Step three: Find a theme

Get creative and go unique with your theme. A casino night never disappoints– considering that there are 1,511 casinos in the U.S., you might as well bring one to your fundraising event! Plus a casino night is always a good time considering your guests will be having too much fun to realize they are spending money for a good cause.

Step four: Create a leadership committee

Chances are, you will need some extra help planning. Once you have figured out the scope of your fundraiser, you will have a better idea of who you need to help you. If you have a big project in mind, consider creating an entire committee; one person to handle tickets and admittance, one person to advertise and market the event, one person to deal with the venue, and one person to handle finances.

Step five: Have fun!

All your efforts have been for this moment. The night is here, so go and enjoy your event!

With these five steps in mind, you’ll know all about how to set up a fundraiser. Good luck!

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