Private Casino vs. REAL Casino?

When considering a private casino-themed party, you might ask the following question, “Why would I want to have a private casino party rather than go to a real casino?” The answer is simple!  A casino-themed party is more convenient, more fun, more entertaining, and less expensive.

Would you rather have a party with your friends and family in the comfort of your own home or plan a night out in a real casino?  Real casinos are typically loud, crowded, and filled with nervous and agitated people who are usually losing some of their hard-earned money. Which do you prefer: Hanging out with your friends and family or hanging out with angry gamblers?
Moreover, why play at tables where the dealers don’t necessarily care how you do? Most dealers have only two things in mind: (1) where is my tip and (2) when is my next break.  At a GSH private casino-themed party, dealers not only are welcoming, they will also help you win and teach you the correct way to play!  Additionally, they will show you basic gaming strategy and how and where to bet to your best advantage. When you are winning, you might even get the occasional high five from GSH Casino Party staff.
Private CasinoWhy spend $750 on a casino night party when you might only risk $200 at a real casino?  Assuming you break even at the casino (which is difficult to do), you might save $550 but what about your friends and relatives who go to the casino with you?  Let’s say you go to the casino with five friends and you each pony up $200—that is a $1,000 risk!  At a two-table casino night party, you can entertain up to 40 people!  Breaking that down, the cost is less than $19 per person for a fun and realistic casino experience.  It is easy to see that entertainment at a casino party is much less expensive than playing at a real casino.  Although you cannot win actual money at a casino party, you can win prizes and, perhaps more important, bragging rights! For an entertaining casino experience, consider the option of a casino-themed party before you head to a real casino.
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