November 2015 Events Recap

Out of eight GSH Group events in November, one was a corporate event, two were poker nights, three were birthday parties, and one was a wedding reception!


Lynfred Winery (Roselle location) held a member appreciation night with wine, cheese and a few hours of gambling at the tables.  Girard Hendelman sat in on a poker game and ended up losing his $500 funny money chip buy-in.   After the event Girard commented, “players play a lot different when it isn’t for real money.”  It is easier to play marginal hands or call a big bluff when it is not real money on the line. Check out pictures from the event here.


The GSH Group also conducted three casino-themed birthday parties. When a surprise birthday party is planned, sometimes the guest of honor figures that out.  However, we have yet to meet a guest who knew about the casino portion of the surprise.  In-home events are a great way to learn casino games and have a unique entertainment experience.


Our most unique event in November was a wedding reception.  We were honored to be a part of the most special day of a couple’s life. The couple entered and had their first dance, and then the casino, bar and buffet style dinner were open.  Typically, there is not a lot to do at a wedding reception if you are not a good dancer.  That was not the case at this wedding reception.  The guests played roulette, craps, and blackjack and when the dice got cold they took a break and went out on the dance floor to change their mojo.


If you want to make sure everyone is included at your next bash, whatever it may be, give The GSH Group a call.

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