Ideas for Fundraisers: How to Make Raising Money Fun

Looking for fundraiser ideas? It can be hard to raise money, especially fast. Sometimes it takes one big, memorable event to get all the funds you need to achieve whatever dream it is you are aiming for. Getting exposure is another added benefit of throwing such big events. When you don’t have a lot of time, don’t be afraid to do what you have to do to raise money in one go, while also providing a memorable and fun event.

Hold a contest

There’s nothing like good old fashioned competition to raise spirits and kick off a fundraising event. Whether it’s a fashion show, a costume party, poker night, or a bike race, people love to compete. There’s a reason more than 36.7 million people visit Las Vegas every year. Throwing a good cause into the mix — the goal of which can foster its own form of competition — is more than reason to have an event. Getting people involved in the organization of your event could be the move to get people really interested and involved with your cause.

Think out of the box and hold cooking competitions, beard contests, or design challenges, which will encourage people to bring their all to your event. A casino night party might also be a great way to get people dressing up and betting high. About 40 million people play poker regularly, and some of them are bound to be people you know. Let them get their card itch out and play at your table.

Have a party

Throwing a party, especially a themed one, is a great way to get people excited about your cause, and make the money you need. Work on getting donations for food and drinks, so that you can not only make a profit, but also get people involved in the party prep and planning beforehand. If you’re having a casino night fundraiser, get a group together to play the dealers (who, by the way, win 48% of the time in blackjack, while players win about 44% of the time). If your have a 1920s party, get an impromptu brass band together.

Even low level events, like large outdoor barbecues or picnics, are good for your organization. Express that you want money to go towards your organization, and not so much the event, while still providing a good time.

Be Unique

Unique fundraiser ideas are a surefire way to make sure your organization is remembered and to get people excited. Why not combine it with an act of community service, and hit two birds with one stone? Get people together to plant a garden or cook a huge meal for a local shelter, and have them work for a “reverse salary” of $50 to do it.

Fundraiser ideas lurk around every corner, and are all about creativity. From a casino party to an old fashioned ball, the real key is to get people interested in your organization and enthusiastic about supporting it in a fun way.

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