GSH Casino Parties vs. Casino’s

Professional Poker Player’s Business Takes on Casinos

GSH Casino Parties conducts custom casino-themed parties to entertain guests and teach them how to make their money last longer in a casino.GSH Casino parties

Des Plaines, IL – Girard Hendelman of Des Plaines, owner of GSH Casino Parties, folded his final professional poker hand in 2013.  In January of 2014, he opened a casino- themed party company to entertain and educate people on how to play casino games.

“ I was sick and tired of watching people give away their money to the casinos,” Hendelman explains.  The $40 billion per year casino industry makes most of its money from unknowledgeable players, he opined.  GSH Casino Parties offers casino-themed entertainment and teaches guests basic strategies so they have a better chance of winning or at least to keep their money a little longer in a casino.  “You will never beat the odds long term, but you can play optimal strategy and enjoy the game for a longer period of time,” says Hendelman.

GSH Casino Parties lets guests enjoy a casino-style experience without the risk of losing real money.  The average night in a casino cannot only be intimidating but also expensive.  A GSH Casino Party costs between $15-$40 per person for a three-hour event.  According to Hendelman, that is quite the bargain given an average bet in a real casino is $15-$25 on a weekend.

Established in January 2014, GSH Casino Parties is located in Des Plaines, Illinois.  GSH Casino Parties’ core base is corporate themed-casino nights but it also conducts charity events  and private parties.  GSH Casino Parties’ stated objectives are to provide a first-class entertainment experience and give its guests the knowledge and confidence to game in a real casino.

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