GSH Casino Entertainment hosts poker tournament at Buddy Guys

Poker Tournament-Shoreline Sightseeing

(December 2013)

Poker Tournament

Congratulations Ken Wagner on winning the first annual Shoreline Cup.

GSH Casino Parties hosted a poker tournament for Shoreline Sightseeing for their annual Company Christmas Celebration.  Employees tested their skills in Texas Holdem poker to compete for the grand prize; the Shoreline Cup.  The tournament began with 18 players and lasted just under three hours.  The mood of the tournament was relaxed as the employees were playing for bragging rights  and a chance to hoist the 1st ever Shoreline cup (see picture).   A fist time player, Ken Wagner, ended up outlasting the field and winning the first ever Shoreline cup.  This just goes to show that in poker anyone can win on any given night.

Poker tournaments are a great after work activity for employees of any companies.   Benefits include: building morale between team members, social interaction, fun, and competition.  You need a minimum of 10 people to have a poker tournament and there is no maximum size;  just need the space for all of the tables.  In a poker tournament everyone begins with the same amount of chips and goes on until one person has accumulated all of the chips in play.  To ensure action, the blind levels are raised every 12-20 minutes until a winner is determined.  What is so fun about a corporate event poker tournament is that typically everyone stays around to cheer on their co-workers.  Final tables are surrounded by interested spectators rooting for their favorite players.

Shoreline started a tradition of casino themed parties during the Holiday season that has been going on for years.  Their casino nights began with a two table poker tournament and now include: a poker tournament,roulette and blackjack tables.  Why not start a tradition at your company?  Watch your co-workers compete for a poker championship and most importantly bragging rights around the office.






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