How To Get People To Come To Your Office Party This Year

corporate event ideas mixing work and play Looking for corporate event ideas mixing work and play? Want to organize an office party or fundraiser that people will actually look forward to attending? No, it’s not impossible. You just have to think outside the boring, office party box, so to speak.

There aren’t many corporate event ideas mixing work and play, but a casino theme party is one of them. Not only are casino night fundraisers a fun and effective way to raise money, but they’re also fun events for office anniversaries, celebrations, and holiday parties.

It’s not easy to come up with fun party ideas that are also appropriate for an office. Costume parties may be fun, but good luck convincing your team to show up in a costume. Our company can help organize the best casino night party Chicago employees have ever seen. All your employees have to do is show up for the festivities.

Every year more than 36.7 million people go to Las Vegas, but our casino night parties bring the casino straight to your office or corporate event venue. Save your workers an expensive trip to one of the 1,511 legal casinos in the United States, and instead schedule a casino night package that fits your budget.

You can choose from party packages that fit your office size and budget or choose custom casino packages tailored specifically to your needs. Surveys show that about 40 million Americans play poker each year, so no doubt a poker table would be a huge hit while also letting employees work out their inter-departmental drama. Mathematically, blackjack has some of the best odds, with players winning 44% of the time and dealers winning 48% of the time (Pro Tip: The average dealers hand is slightly above 18).

Don’t stress yourself out trying to come up with corporate event ideas mixing work and play. Just plan a fun office casino night instead. Professional dealers and tables will give your employees the real Vegas experience, without any of the problems that come from illegal gambling.

If there are better office party ideas for adults, they haven’t been invented yet.

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