Fundraising Ideas

Fun Facts about Fundraising Fundraising Ideas

10% of all annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year — Tax deduction anyone?

64% of millennials prefer to fund raise through walk, run, or cycling events — Fit, active, fun… and for a good cause!

64% of donations are made by women — not surprised by this, are you?

When it comes to fundraising, there are a million different directions an organization can go.  Before developing fundraising ideas, it is necessary to answer a few questions.  How much money are we looking to raise?  How much money are we willing to invest?  How many volunteer hours do we have available?  While there are thousands of fundraising ideas, the best advice I have read was from fundraising expert Katherine Wertheim, who advises “produce transformational events not transactional events.”  Below is a list of some of the best transformational fundraising ideas.

Casino night fundraiser

A casino night fundraiser can be either (1) charitable gaming or (2) a casino-themed party.  In a charitable gaming event, dealers have to be volunteers and chips are exchanged for money.  In a casino-themed party, the casino theme is the source of entertainment, and not the source of revenue.  Whichever method you choose, the event is sure to be a hit if managed properly.  Proper planning for casino events includes determining a location and time for the event well in advance.  Choose a high-quality casino-themed party company to handle your event and rest assured it will be a success! Sources of revenue at a casino-themed party include silent auctions, live auctions, and 50/50 raffles.

5k run/walk/cycle

Pop quiz!  Do you remember what percent of millennials prefer 5k runs, walks, or cycles as a fundraiser?  The answer:  64% of millennials prefer this type of fundraiser. If you are catering to a younger crowd, this is a no brainier. Like most events, the bigger they are the more planning and man-hours required.  A small 5k event (one that does not involve a permit or closing down streets) is appropriate for a local school or small charity.   To pull off a successful 5k you need: a defined safe route, a t-shirt, beverages, and awards for the winners.  Most of the money comes from the entrance fee but a secondary source of income can be raised by racers who start their own crowd-funding page. Fundraising ideas


Galas typically require more upfront costs but can be successful for fundraising.  Typically used for larger organizations trying to create brand awareness, galas are a high-end idea for fundraisers.  For a successful gala you need a swanky location, fancy food, cocktails, and black tie attire.  Museums or art galleries are great venues for large galas.  With larger, more sophisticated events such as a gala, make sure you have plenty of volunteer help and plan way ahead.

When it comes to fundraisers and fundraising ideas, keep this strategy top of mind.  Do something fun! If it is successful, repeat it again year after year!



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