Fun Corporate Parties

Fun Corporate Parties

Summertime is a great time for fun corporate parties.  When your employees need a day of relaxation, what could be better than a Casino Party? Everyone loves gaming and a little competition at fun corporate parties is a great way to show appreciation to your staff while they “let their hair down.”

You might be envisioning a Vegas-style Casino Party, which is a great idea, but that theme isn’t required. A fun corporate parties can take place anywhere you like, as formal or informal as you like, using whatever theme you like. An event could be held at your company site if space permits. And no need to stick to a Vegas theme.  The theme could be something related to your organization or a western theme or Hawaiian theme–a fun corporate party theme is limited only by your imagination.

Planning Fun Corporate Parties- Casino Themed

A big advantage of a fun corporate gathering Casino Party is that it does not require a lot of time and planning by your staff.  It doesn’t actually get much more complicated than choosing

  1. A date and venue
  2. The number and kind of games
  3. Food and drink
  4. Theme and prizes

Date and Venue

Choose a date convenient to your business and your staff/employees. Do you have a relatively slow time of year?  That might be the best time for a fun corporate gathering.  After some fun and games at a Casino Party, your staff will be ready to tackle your busier times. Is a daytime Casino Party better than an evening? This might be the case if your business is mainly in the evening. Additionally, some benefits occur if you book multiple dates for a Casino Party with The GSH Group.

The choice of a venue will largely depend on how many participants in your fun corporate gathering.  With a small staff you may need only a small venue, but if you have many employees, you will need a much bigger venue.  Can’t decide what is needed?  The GSH Group is ready to advise you.

Games and Food

Your next decision for a fun corporate gathering is selecting the games you want to play.  Will it be poker, craps, roulette, or some free standing gaming machines? Any or all of these might be appropriate.  And don’t worry about conducting the games. The GSH Group has professional dealers and experienced teachers to help your guests with learning how to play the games.  They even provide more experienced gamers with tips and strategies on how to win more money.  Don’t know how many games will be needed for your fun corporate party? Just provide the number of guests and The GSH Group will figure it out for you.

No party is complete without food and drink. Depending on the time of your fun corporate gathering, you may want to provide drinks and snacks or an open bar and full or buffet dinner. Whatever you choose is the right decision. The GSH Group can help you with selecting providers and arranging venues.

Theme and Prizes

Finally, a theme and prizes can add to the fun of a Casino Party corporate gathering, but neither is required. You can ask your guests to dress to reflect your theme and arrange prizes for individual winners or just award a single big winner at the end of your fun corporate gathering.  The choice is yours but The GSH Group will help you carry out a theme and determine and award any prizes that you decide on.

A Casino Party is a fun corporate parties that require little work from you but lots of fun for your staff or employees. Have fun now!




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