The Essential Games for Every Casino Party

casino party Thinking of a casino party for your next company party or fundraiser? While you might have the decorations all set, don’t forget about the games! Trust us: a raffle just isn’t going to cut it.

Here are the four must-have essential activities to make any casino theme night a guaranteed success:

  • Blackjack
    Blackjack is an easy game to pick up and play, even for the novice gambler. Even in big casinos, it’s the most player-friendly game because of a low house edge of just 0.5% (though some pros argue you can bring it down to 0.4%). That simply means that, while the odds are still in favor of the house dealer, who will win on average 48% of the time, players still have fairly good odds, winning 44% of the time. If fundraising is your aim, this game is a low-pressure way to bring in small “house” wins while giving everyone a fair chance to score.
  • Poker
    Poker is another game that many people are at least remotely familiar with, making it a good pick for a large group casino party. There’s no need for hard bluffs and cunning strategy; even the novice player can get lucky, as players will receive a pocket pair in about 6% of all deals, or every 17 hands. Plus, it’s always fun to find out who among your friends or coworkers truly has the best poker face.
  • Roulette
    Poker and blackjack may be fun to play, but no other game makes for a casino night party theme aesthetic quite like the big roulette wheel. It’s as exciting to watch as a spectator as it is to place bets. The high-speed action and suspense will make all of your guests feel like a bonafide hustler.
  • Craps
    Shooting dice in a craps game is another exciting casino game that combines good player odds with a spirit of camaraderie. Everyone can win together in craps, making it a great casino party game with a little bit of built-in corporate team-building. Though there’s a learning curve as far as craps rules and lingo, nothing will get your guests more into the casino spirit than yelling out “Snake Eyes!” for a pair of ones.

For beginners and experts alike, a casino party is a great way to bring together players of all talents for a bit of lighthearted (and legal) gambling. There’s no better way to have fun, raise money, and find out who’s the office card shark, all in one night!

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