Entertain guests with a corporate casino night

A corporate casino night makes sense as a corporate event idea for entertaining out-of-town guests.

Corporate event planners are always looking for unique and fun corporate event ideas to entertain out-of-town guests.  A GSH corporate casino night is a popular corporate event idea. There are many reasons why booking a corporate casino theme party for potential customers and current employees is a favorite corporate event idea.

Reasons to have a corporate casino night:

Corporate Casino Night

#1. A corporate casino theme party is a good way to keep potential customers at your event. In March we are hosting a casino theme party as the entertainment following a trade show. In a corporate theme party, a potential customer visits vendor booths for two hours, then attends a corporate casino night with food and cocktails for two hours with prizes. After visiting work vendors, would you rather have a drink at a hotel bar or have free cocktails and entertainment at a corporate casino theme party with a chance to win cool prizes?

#2. A corporate casino night provides a relaxed atmosphere where team members from around the country can get to know one another. Organized and intelligent corporate event planners recognize the benefit of a relaxed atmosphere like a casino theme party where employees have the freedom to move around and interact in a low stress environment. When people are in an unfamiliar area, it is best to give them fun and interesting things to do–after all, the biggest convention market in the world is Las Vegas.

#3.A corporate casino theme party is an inexpensive way to entertain a large group of people. Corporate casino party entertainment can be as inexpensive as $15-$20 per person or around $5 an hour. Compare that to the average minimum bet on the Las Vegas strip of $25 per hand. It is easy to see why corporate casino nights are becoming more and more popular with both planners and employees.

When corporate event planners are looking for unique ideas, they gravitate towards things that are fun and different. Corporate casino nights fill both needs and are becoming more popular in the event planning community.

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