Employee Appreciation

Is your business success a result of luck?

Is employee appreciation part of your business plan?  Even if you have had good luck, it will only get you so far.  A dedicated and skilled workforce is what makes a business or organization successful. Want to show employee appreciation?  A Casino Theme employee appreciation event is just the way to do so. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up soon, you can make your staff feel lucky, and award them with a pot of gold.

In addition to showing your employees appreciation in the office for the day-in, day-out hard work they do, a special time for everyone in a fun and safe environment shows you value their efforts. A Casino Theme employee appreciation party is entertaining and safe for employees, easy for you, and has some benefits beyond employee recognition for your business or organization. In addition to being a great source of entertainment, a Casino Theme employee appreciation event can:

  • Boost morale

  • Increase cooperation

  • Help keep employees

Morale. Keeping morale high is important to a successful business. Morale—the overall emotions, satisfaction, and attitude of employees in the workplace—is proven to increase productivity and decrease sick days. In addition, employees who are confident, positive, and generally satisfied in the workplace remain loyal. A  fun Casino-Theme Party  is entertaining and no risk to employees.

Cooperation. To paraphrase just a bit:Workers that play together stay together.” A little fun competition in the off-hours will carry over to the workplace to foster better cooperation among employees. Especially in these days of isolated cubicle offices, employees often lack opportunities to socialize or get to know each other. A Casino Theme Party that shows appreciation to employees or staff can help employees get to know each other better and to recognize skill sets. The opportunity for employees to play together in a relaxed setting may result in more cooperation during working hours. 

Retention. An employee appreciation casino party  is fun and will help retain staff.  Many workplaces today require expensive training in software and processes before a staff member can actually contribute to your bottom line, making retention of employees important. A Casino Theme Party shows appreciation of your staff’s contributions to your business or organization. Appreciated employees will continue to work in your business or organization, making retention of highly trained employees less of a concern.

                While cash is thought to be a good idea for showing employee appreciation, it is actually only effective for the short-term. However,  a  Casino Theme Party Appreciation event on the other hand will leave lasting memories of winning blackjack hands and big pots at the poker table. A Casino Theme Party Appreciation event requires little planning or preparation time. It only requires choosing a date and selecting a venue. GSH Casino Parites will set up the games you select, provide dealers to conduct, and teach, the casino games. We can even help you with additional entertainment such as photo booths and DJs.  GSH Casino Parties provides all the entertainment; you just supply the guests. 

                Whether you decide to use a St. Pat’s Day or another theme, showing appreciation of your employees any time is always a good idea.  GSH Casino Parties is ready to conduct a Casino Theme Party Appreciation event for your employees with just a phone call. But don’t forget, a simple “thank you” in the office for a job well done also shows your employees appreciation. 



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