Creative Party Ideas for Casino Night Fundraisers

casino night fundraisersWhen it comes to a corporate fundraiser, what beats a classic casino night party? It’s a great way to get people to come dressed to the nines, playing games with people they may never have approached in the office, and taking and sharing pictures. And betting, even with fake poker chips and play money, is just plain fun!

After all, there’s a reason that more than 40 million people play poker regularly.

When throwing corporate theme parties, it is important to pull out all the stops. By ensuring a memorable and fun night now, you are essentially investing in future events and their subsequent success. Here are some tips and tricks for fun party ideas for your next casino theme party, including casino party favors and decorations:

Fun Casino Party Favors

Personalized Playing Cards
Send your guests away with party favors that they will actually use and make sense thematically. Have playing cards personalized with the company logo or images so they can continue to play at home. Personalized dice might also be a great creative party favor.

Chocolate Coins
Alternatively, candy and food is always a great crowd pleaser, and that goes double for chocolate. Thank everyone for showing up and buying tickets to your fundraiser by sending them off with their winnings in the form of delicious chocolate coins.

Mini Drink Kits
This is a great gift idea to either get commissioned, buy assembled, or even DIY. Serve a customized drink all night long at the fundraiser and then send your guests home with all of the necessary ingredients to do it themselves, including a coaster, airplane liquor bottles, cocktail stirrers, and instructions. Package it all in a tumbler emblazoned with the company logo.

Casino Night Party Decorations

Playing Card Garlands
Stringing up playing cards and hanging them from doorways, tables, and the ceiling is a great way to set the mood for your casino night fundraisers.

Dice Candle Centerpieces
Fill a glass vase or container with brightly colored dice and stick a candle in the middle. It makes for a perfect and festive centerpiece.

Bond Cardboard Cutouts
We know it’s casino themed, but it’s hard not to imagine our favorite British spy when we don our formal wear and party dresses. Cater to that mental association and create a perfect opportunity for social media-ready pictures by providing Bond cardboard cutouts.

Casino night fundraisers are a great way to engage the whole company at one amazing party. With these tips, your next office party is sure to be a hit.

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