Craps Instructions, Steps 7 – 8

Welcome to Steps 7 & 8 on How to Play Craps.

These steps will explain the “Come” bet and the “Don’t Pass Bar.”

Step 7

A Come bet is simply making an additional bet once the point has already been established. For example, let’s say the point is on Number 6.  If you put your money in the COME area, the next roll will determine where that money goes.  On the come out roll, 7 and 11 win and 2, 3, and 12 lose; the Come bet works the same way.  If none of those 5 numbers comes up on the dice (7, 11, 2, 3, 12) then your money will “Come” to the number the shooter rolls.  For example, if  the next roll is a 10, your Come bet will move to 10.  People play in the Come area to obtain the best odds.  So when your Come bet moves, you need to take your odds right away.  A good dealer will ask you, but if not, all you need to do is toss more money toward the dealer and tell say “odds on (whatever number was rolled).”

Here is how the math breaks down:

Let’s use the number 10 for our example:

  • If you place $10 on number 10, you get paid $18
  • If you make a $5 Come bet and put $10 on odds (number is 10), you win $25: $5 for the Come bet and $20 on the odds.

As you can see the Come bet pays more.  Here is the catch: You have to hit the number twice to get paid.  So first it moves to the number, and then you have to hit the same number again to get paid.  A strategy I see a lot of conservative players play is a Pass Line bet and two Come bets.


Step 8

The Don’t Pass Bar is betting against the shooter.  Directly above the Pass Line is the Don’t Pass.  The Don’t Pass Line is the opposite of the Pass Line. When you bet on the Don’t Pass, 7 & 11 lose; 2 & 3 win; and 12 is a push.  When the point comes out, the odds work exactly the reverse of the Pass Line. For example, if you bet $5 on the Don’t Pass Line, you can bet the odds on the Don’t Pass just like the Pass Line and they work the same, still true odds.  If the shooter rolls a 4, you need to risk $10 for odds on the Don’t Pass to win $5.  Here is the math in this example:


  • Odds bet pay out points are 4 & 10:
  • Pass Line $5 odds bet pays $10
  • Don’t Pass Line $10 bet pays $5


  • Odds bet pay out point is 5 or 9
  • Pass Line $10 pays $15
  • Don’t Pass Line $15 pays $10


  • Odds bet pay out 6 & 8
  • Pass Line $5 pays $6
  • Don’t Pass Line $6 to win $5

As you can see, the Don’t Pass Line bet is exactly the opposite of the pass line but the odds are still true.



There are so many betting options in the game of Craps.  You can also make Don’t Come bets which are the opposite of the Come bet.  You can lay a number that is the opposite of placing a number.  You can bet “hop” bets, which is calling the exact dice combination for one roll.  Another bet is the Fire bet in which one shooter hits all 6 points before crapping out.

My hope is that after reading these instructions you will have a better overview on the game of Craps.  Try Craps out at one of our events before playing for real money.  The one sure thing about Craps is that it is fast-paced and ultra-exciting.

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