Craps Instructions, Steps 4-6

Welcome to Steps 4 -6 on How to Play Craps.

In this section you will learn how to make a place bet, a hard way bet, a “yo bet,” and a CE bet.

Step  4

After the come out roll, the puck is placed on the number that the shooter rolls.  For example, if the shooter rolls a 4, the puck is placed on the 4.  The other numbers 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 become available for Place bet wagers.  To make a Place bet you put your money in the come area and tell the dealer what numbers you would like to bet on.  Make sure to verbally tell the dealer your numbers, when he/she has heard you, they will respond with “bet.” This confirms that you have a wager on the number(s) you selected.  Never place your money on the number you want.  This is your warning, don’t do it in a casino. Each player’s money is located in a specific section of the box based on where they are standing.

Place bets all pay differently.  Check the table to view the minimum, but most tables take $5 place bets.

The odds:

4 & 10 – a $5 bet pays $9

5 & 9 – a $5 bet pays $7

6 & 8 – a $6 bet pays $7

Numbers 6 and 8 are the most popular bets.  To place a proper 6 & 8 wager, you would place $12 in the come and tell the dealer “6 & 8.”  Keep in mind that every number is bet in $5 increments except 6 & 8, which are wagered in $6 increments.  You will also hear people say “inside” — that means taking all the inside numbers (does not include the point). In our example the point is a 4, so the inside numbers are 5, 6, 8, 9.  To place an inside wager you would need to bet $22 ($5 for the 5, $6 for the 6, $6 for the 8, and $5 for the 9).  You might also bet across.   That means betting all the numbers, so in our example that would be 5, 6, 8, 9, 10.  How much would that cost you?

Answer: $27 ($5 on 5,9,10 =$15; $6 on 6 & 8=$12) $15+$12=$27

Step 5

The Hard Ways are the bets in the middle of the table.  There are 4 Hard Way bets you can place:

Hard 4 (2 & 2)

Hard 6 (3 & 3)

Hard 8 (4 & 4)

Hard 10 (5 & 5)

A Hard Way bet is very easy to understand and place.  Most tables will allow you to bet as little as $1 on the Hard Way bets.  Take $1 toss it toward the dealer in the middle of the table with a stick in his hand (i.e., the stick man) and say “hard ____ for (however much you want to bet).”  Most people tend to bet the Hard Way that the point is on.  For example, if the point is a 6, you will see a lot of Hard Way action on a 6.  Hard Way bets stay up until a 7 comes, the number comes “easy,” or the player takes the wager down.  When the shooter rolls a 7, all the Hard Way bets lose.  Hard Way bets also lose when your Hard Way bet comes easy.  For example, if you have a hard 6 and the shooter rolls a 4 & 2.  That is an easy 6 and, therefore, your Hard Way bet would lose.  It would also lose on a 1 & 5 because that also equals an easy 6.  Below is a table with the Hard Way payouts.

Hard 4 pays 7 to 1

Hard 6 pays 9 to 1

Hard 8 pays 9 to 1

Hard 10 pays 10 to 1

They are called Hard Ways for a reason: they are hard to hit, but they pay well if you hit them.


Step 6

There are other set-up bets below the Hard Ways:

1 & 1 aka snake eyes

1 &2 aka craps

6 & 6 aka box cars, midnight

6 & 5 aka “Yo”

These 4 bets are also make up what is called a Horn Bet.  If you bet the Horn Bet plus a 7, that is known as a World Bet.

The 2, 3, 7, 11, and 12 are one roll bets.  You have one roll to make the number(s) you bet and, if you do not, then the bet loses.  These bets are typically used as a hedge on the come out roll, but people also bet them just for action.

***Note the stick person will always say “yo” or “Yo-eleven” because 7 and 11 sound very similar.  When the point is on and a 7 comes on the pass line, Field, Place bets, Hard Way and Horn bets all lose.  It would not be good if the dealer accidentally cleared all the bets when an 11 came.***



Below is a table with the prop bet payouts.

3 pays 15 to 1

11 pays 15 to 1

2 pays 30 to 1

12 pays 30 to 1

As mentioned above the Horn bBet is typically used to hedge on the come roll.  On the come roll 7 & 11 win and 2, 3,  & 12 lose.  So if a player has a $10 Pass Line Bet, he/she might bet 2, 3, 12  a/k/a Any Craps, which pays 7 to 1.  So a $10 player might throw a $1 bet on Any Craps to somewhat protect his/her pass line wager.  If the 7 or 11 comes up, the player will win $10-1 or $9.  If any of the craps come up, the player will win $7 and lose $10 for a net of minus 3.

It is up to each player and his/her risk tolerance, but playing the inside bets gives the casino a bigger edge.

Stay tuned for Part 3 to learn about Come Bets, the Don’t Pass Line, and the Don’t Come Line.

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