Corporate Training Ideas

Make Corporate Training ideas Fun. . . with a Casino themed party!

Corporate training doesn’t have to be boring. GSH Casino Parties recently conducted a very successful, if somewhat unusual, corporate training event.   The purpose of the training event was to teach local sales associates about new products and new technologies.  Instead of having representatives walk from booth to booth and become overwhelmed (and bored?) with information, Samsung had a different plan.  They incentivized all of the associate sales guests by giving them casino chips for every product booth they visited.  The sales associates could go to any booths they liked and play at any casino tables they wanted.  During the three-hour event both the booths and the casino tables were consistently full.  How did Samsung and GSH accomplish this corporate training ideas well-received event?

Here are the keys to this successful corporate training ideas with-gaming event.

  • Guests were invited into the room where both casino tables and Samsung exhibits were displayed. After a few minutes, a brief presentation explained how the evening was going to proceed.
  • Guests could only earn chips to use at the casino tables by visiting the display booths and learning about Samsung’s products.
  • Guests were competing in the casino to earn raffle tickets for a chance to win Samsung prizes. Top prize was a brand new high-definition TV!
  • The training event had great flow, with enough gaming positions for people to play when they wanted. And when the gaming tables were full, the associates had plenty of opportunities to learn about Samsung’s products at the company’s display booths. Guests were able to move about freely and most associates ended up visiting every booth.

The combination of corporate training and a casino party is not typical.  However, thinking outside the box helped Samsung accomplish this successful training session.  To stay ahead in the business world, corporate event planners need to be creative and to think outside the norm.  Incorporating a casino-themed party into a corporate training program was a huge success for Samsung!

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