Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate Holiday Party- Casino Theme

With warm weather across the country most people probably aren’t thinking about the end of the year corporate holiday party.  However, if you are on the planning committee you should absolutely be getting to work.  It doesn’t matter if you do a casino-theme holiday party or not, you should start the planning early.  Below are four reasons why you should book your corporate holiday party sooner rather than later.

  • Reserve quality tables before they sell out. We maintain and rotate our equipment throughout the year.  However, there are some companies that will rent you poor quality equipment if you book late.
  • Reserve a high quality staff. Our dealers/entertainers are what separate us from the competition.  In the “gig” economy, dealers/entertainers work for multiple party companies.  We have an excellent handle on who is good and who is not-so-good in the industry.  We will only provide the highest quality dealers/entertainers!  All of our dealers are trained in-house by Mike or Girard.
  • Reserve a venue. Venues sell out in December and January because every company throws a party at that time of year.  If you want a quality venue, reserve it early.
  • Peace of mind. There is no need to wait until the last minute to plan your corporate holiday party. Once you decide on a casino-theme party, let us help you get the correct number of tables for your guests.  We are flexible and can add or subtract tables based on availability.


There is one nightmare scenario that you need to be aware of.  A casino rental company books your corporate holiday party and then calls you a week before and says they can’t do it.  At GSH Group Casino Parties, that will never happen.   Our business model is designed to accept only the business that we can handle.  If you are considering a corporate holiday party, give us a call.  After speaking with us, you will know that we have a simple mission: To Conduct First Class Casino-Themed parties!

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