Conference Entertainment

Throw a Casino Party
Conference Entertainment

            The solution to conference entertainment is a Casino Party at a special venue. While it is important to keep conference participants safe, they also need to be entertained after a long day of meetings and workshops. Rather than have them search out entertainment on their own  or visit places of interest in a strange city, schedule an evening Casino Party at a special venue as conference entertainment. To make your conference entertainment special, hold the Casino Party at a place of interest after regular hours—a museum, an art gallery, or even a zoo or botanical garden. Conferees can enjoy museum or other offerings in the conference location along with fun and no-risk gaming.

            Conferees like to take advantage of an out-of-town conference by visiting local places of interest. A Casino Party that uses only “funny money” at a special venue like a museum or art gallery is low-risk and high-value conference entertainment. Some venue ideas might include a history museum with various gaming activities in various time periods or a science museum that includes exhibits that reflect the business of the conference, such as finance (world currency), medicine (joint replacement, cardio exhibits), the environment (ecology exhibits), or manufacturing.


Conference Entertainment

  A conference entertainment Casino Party should include:

  • Check in/registration to receive museum map/guide to gaming tables and exhibits

  • Gaming tables at various exhibits throughout the museum

  • Final gathering place at the end of the evening


Conference Entertainment


First have guests check in at a registration table and receive the “funny money” used in gaming at a conference entertainment Casino Party. At check-in, conference attendees  should be provided with a guide or map to the location of gaming tables and museum exhibits. It can be the museum’s guide with the gaming table(s) added at the exhibits or you can create your own map or guide.

Gaming Tables

Have GSH Casino Parties spread the gaming tables throughout the museum or gallery. In addition to a fun evening of gaming, you also want guests to have an opportunity to view the museum exhibits between hands of black jack or playing roulette. GSH Casino Parties can arrange tables to avoid blocking views of exhibits but still remain welcoming to players. The idea is to provide gaming entertainment but also to allow guests to experience the museum.


Finally, you’ll want to gather all your conference attendees at the end of the evening at a specific location to recognize the guests who have the most “funny” money from gaming. GSH Casino Parties can tally the winnings and announce the winners and prizes (when provided by the conference organization).

As conference entertainment, a Casino Party is a fun evening for your guests and also an opportunity for them to enjoy a museum or art gallery in the conference location. You only need to choose and arrange for the venue, decide what games would be appropriate, and work with GSH Casino Parties to schedule and set up your evening of Casino Party conference entertainment. 





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