Casino Theme Holiday Party

Tired of the same old, boring company holiday party?  Are you and your colleagues looking for a fun, unique, and memorable Holiday Party?  If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then a GSH Group Casino Theme Holiday Party is right for you!  Casino Theme Holiday Parties are great for companies of all sizes.  The number of casino tables needed for your holiday party will be determined by the number of expected guests.  A good rule of thumb is that you need about 50% playing positions–for example, if you are expecting 150 guests you need approximately 75 playing positions.  GSH Group will customize your Casino Theme Holiday Party to meet your specific needs. Below are three more tips to make your Casino Theme Holiday Party a success!Casino Theme Holiday Party

Three (3) Tips for a Successful Casino Theme Holiday Party

1.) Plan ahead.  Most companies hold their holiday party on the first two weekends in December.  Tables and quality dealers will be at a premium during this time, so if you would like to book one of these weekends, make sure you do it early.  If you want to save money on your holiday party, consider having it in February.  This is an off-peak month, which will give you a  better choice of venues, catering companies, and a less expensive  Casino Theme Holiday Party overall.

2.) Get ready to learn. A Casino Theme Holiday Party is the perfect place to LEARN any casino games you don’t know.  At GSH Group events, craps is the most requested game that guests would like to learn.  GSH  Group dealers are trained not only to deal the casino games but also to help guests learn basic gaming strategies.  A Casino Theme Holiday Party is the perfect setting to learn about gaming and gain confidence to play in an actual casino.

3.) Make it a fun competition.  Your guests need to be drawn in with the excitement of winning raffle tickets or being the top winner.  In our combined twenty years of experience, we have learned that events with prizes are more fun and encourage participation.  Prizes can range  from TVs to gift cards.  It is more important to have multiple prizes than a  single grand prize.

If you want to provide your employees or colleagues with a fun-filled company holiday party, book a Casino Theme Holiday Party with GSH Casino Parties. Call today!

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