What are Casino Carnival Games?

                As the GSH Group’s manager of casino rentals, I field an abundance of questions from party planners that are completely foreign to the casino industry.  However, one question that I repeatedly hear is: “What are casino carnival games?”  When people think about casino games, they generally think of the most popular games, such as Blackjack, Craps, or Roulette.  They don’t realize that there are hundreds of other games to choose from—games that offer a different flavor, a little variety, a change of pace—Casino Carnival Games. 

                Casino Carnival Games, also known as “Variety” or “Niche” games, are table games like blackjack, but with a twist.  For example, Blackjack is a straightforward game where a player needs to get his/her hand close to 21 without going over while simultaneously having a higher total than the dealer’s hand.  Now let’s look at Blackjack Switch, the most popular Blackjack variant.  The same rules as regular Blackjack apply, but in Blackjack Switch players are dealt two separate hands and may switch their cards between the two hands. 

                The most popular Casino Carnival Games these days are 3-Card Poker, Let it Ride, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.  These are games that offer new twists on your standard poker game.  Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a game where you only have to beat the dealer (instead of the other players at the table) and you get paid a bonus depending on how strong your hand is.  In 3-Card Poker, you simply play poker but with only 3 cards!  Let it Ride is an interesting game where you add one card to your 3-card poker hand each turn, while either shrinking your bet or letting it ride throughout the game. 

                At GSH Group, we strongly believe that when you are planning a party, it’s always good to have options for your guests.  For this reason, we believe having Casino Carnival Games at events is extremely important.  Playing the same games over and over eventually ceases to appeal to guests, but with multiple options, your guests are guaranteed to never lose interest!

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