Becoming a Star at Casino Night! Tips for Beginners:

corporate event planning Corporate event planning can be a major burden for some. A lot of people are getting sick of the company bowling night every month because Steve keeps getting in everyone’s face after a strike. About every year, more than 35 million people visit Las Vegas to get their gambling fix. There are many reasons why this many people go to Vegas this often, but the main reason is simple: they enjoy gambling. If your company is struggling with its corporate event planning, a casino party can be a lot of fun for everyone.

There are many casino night ideas that your company can take advantage of, but let’s just say that one night, you and all your coworkers attend a casino night party with just the classic games. Chances are, a few of your coworkers are going to be a little more experienced with gambling than others (Steve has been to Vegas over a dozen times… he won’t shut up about it), so hopefully this can help you hold your own and show Steve a thing or two.


  • Around 40 million people play poker on a consistent basis. Drop that statistic to show Steve that, despite what he may think, he is, in fact, not the only person in the world who knows how to play poker.
  • Watch out for cheaters. You know he’s going to try, so just keep an eye on Steve when he’s shuffling the cards and make sure there is no cheating going on. It takes at least seven shuffles to make sure a deck of cards is completely randomized.
  • On average, players will get a pocket hand once every 17 hands.


  • Blackjack offers the best chance to win, so it’s considered the most player-friendly casino game.
  • The dealer wins a hand of blackjack 48% of the time.
  • The Player wins a hand of blackjack 44% of the time.
  • On average, the dealer’s hand is a little better than 18, so be careful making bets with a lower number.
  • Watching Steve try and fail to count cards can be just as fun as playing.


  • Individual numbers pay out a ratio of 35:1.
  • Your best chances of winning come from betting on either black or red, odd or even, and high or low.
  • Zero and double zero will always break your heart.


  • Steve will likely be here the majority of the night harassing the dealer and screaming the phrase, “COME ON SEVEN!” over and over again so it’s best to avoid this game all together.

Corporate event planning issue solved. Casino night. Whether you’re a Steve screaming at the dice because they didn’t listen to you the first time, or you’re just enjoying putting small chips on your favorite number at roulette, the most important thing is to just have fun.

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