Top Ten Things Casino Party Dealers Hear at Casino Events

We are proud to have the best casino party dealer staff in the industry!  This didn’t happen by chance; it was a well thought-out process.  Mike and I believe that the key to successful events is having a high-energy, knowledgeable, and entertaining staff.  We have invested time and resources in training all of our casino party dealers.  One of our long time dealers is John Stavrakos.  By day he is an editor, but at night you will find him all over the Chicagoland area dealing, teaching, and entertaining casino party goers.  One of his favorite prop games to play while dealing craps is “guess the artist.”  John is a music buff, and will offer this prop bet to guests at the table; the first correct answer usually yields a $100 chip.  Below is John’s “The Top 10 Things Casino Party Dealers Hear at Casino Events.”

When you are a casino dealer at private events, there are some things you come to expect. Much more traffic getting to an event than leaving it. The event, like most of them, to not start on time. And when the gaming begins, for the dealers to wonder, “Think they’ll let us hit the buffet at the end of the night?” Just as predictable is the conversation with the guests. Whether it’s corporate or casual, a small gathering or huge gala, players all talk the same. When the gaming begins, clichés reign supreme.  So I’ve listed them here. Dealers are almost assured to hear at least one of these at every event. With a nod to David Letterman, I give you:


The Top 10 Things Casino Party Dealers Hear at Casino Events

  1. “Go big or go home.” The cliché king of them all, virtually guaranteed to be uttered by a player at some point.
  2. “Do you work in a casino”? Players just assume that dealers are tethered to their tables.
  3. “Too bad this isn’t real money” (from player who is winning big) or, “Who cares, it’s not real money anyway” (from player who is losing big).
  4. “I’m going to the real casino from here.” Spoken during a player’s hot streak.
  5. “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.” Not really amusing when heard the first time, imagine how unfunny it is when heard after every single winning bet. Casino dealers deliver more chicken dinners than Col. Sanders.
  6. To craps dealers: “What does (Big 6/Big 8, Come/Don’t Come, Don’t Pass, those squares in the middle of the table) mean”? The dealer answers, seeing the glazed look in the newbie’s eyes, knowing full-well the rube has no clue what the dealer is talking about.
  7. “What does this Player’s Card get me”? After the dealer dutifully breaks down the chips in the different denominations, invariably there will be a player who says, “Oh, I don’t gamble. I was just wondering what this card is for.”
  8. “Can I get raffle tickets here”? Watch for the deer-in-the-headlights look of the dealer who’s struggling to remember: “Uh-oh, tonight do they get one half or both halves of the ticket”?
  9. “Can I tip you with chips”?  When told no, do the players dip into their pockets for cash? Why, of course not.
  10. Viva Las Vegas. This Elvis Presley song will be played at some point during the evening. At these events, Elvis never leaves the building.
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