How to earn Casino Comps

The Truth about Casino Comps

Do you want the nicest hotel suites, 5-star restaurants, spas, and
shows for absolutely free next time you are in Vegas?  Ever wonder how
much someone has to spend to get this kind of stuff?  Well, unfortunately
the answer is a lot, but there is good news.  I said spend, not lose;
there is a big difference. Spending equals putting money through a
machine or wagering it at a table game.  Losing means putting it in the
machine or playing a table game with no return of your money.  To
get the best casino comps, you need to realistically put an average of between
$500,000-$1,000,000 through a video poker machine (less on a slot
machine) every 6 months to achieve the highest status.  That is a lot of
gaming and most of us probably don’t have the time or desire to do
that.  However, on a short weekend trip, there are still plenty of
freebies to be had. Here’s how to make the most of your casino comps.

5 ways to earn comps _MG_0237

1. Get a casino coupon book.

They are everywhere: at the airport, gift stores, and even some casinos  have them
at the Player’s card center (see #2, below). Some are free and some you have to
pay for.  The coupon books give you discounts on hotels, dining, shows, and free
casino play.  The more coupons you use the more $$$ you get to keep in
your pocket.

2. Get a Player’s card.

When you go to a casino, first get a Player’s card so the casino can “rate your
play,” and you can begin earning your casino comps. Every time you play (no matter what game),you either put it in the
machine you are playing or give it to the dealer (in the case of table games).
These cards let the casino know how much money you are
spending and, therefore, can determine how much the casino will comp
you.  When you play you earn points which can be used for food, hotel,
discounts at the gift shop, and in some cases cash.  Get a Player’s card
and use it.

3. Never pay for a drink.

The easiest casino comps to get in Las Vegas are free drinks.  When you get thirsty, find a
machine and take a seat.  The machines at Las Vegas bars typically pay
the least but you have access to as many quick and free cocktails as
you would like while you are playing.  This was a strange concept for me
years ago, but I have since become accustomed to it.  Put your card in,
put $20 in the machine, have a drink or two, and who knows, maybe they
will end up paying you to drink

4. Ask the Pit boss for anything and everything.

If you are playing table games, you have to give your Player’s card to the dealer so thepit boss can rate your play.
Be sure to ask the pit boss what your average hourly bet is.  The higher the average bet, the higher the casino comps you will receive.
This is done for two reasons: First,to make sure that he has you in
the system and Second, if you ask, the pit boss will usually tend
to give you a higher average bet amount.  If you play for a couple hours,
don’t be afraid to ask the pit boss for a casino comp for a meal.  You might
not get a comp to the steak house, but a free sandwich may be within
reason.  Remember, if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

5. Get a host.

Before checking out, ask to see a host.  Have the host look
at your play to see if s/he can comp your room.  This is all going to
depend on how much you play, but the worst case scenario is you get nothing.
Even if you don’t get anything, you still have built a connection for
the next time you visit.  Before you visit again, you can call the
host directly and see what kind of casino comps are available for hotel rooms before you
ever leave home.

These are some very basic tips that everyone can use
no matter what level of player you are.  If you would like to discuss
higher-levels of casino comps, feel free to drop me an email, and I will be happy
to discuss some ideas with you.

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