5 Reasons to make your next Event a Casino Fundraiser

If you are looking for a unique way to entertain your guests and raise money, then your next event should be a casino fundraiser.  There are two different ways to do a casino fundraiser; licensed or non-licensed (click the link to read pro’s and con’s off each).  Below are five reasons why your next event should be a Casino Fundraiser regardless if you choose a licensed or non licensed event.


casino fundraiser

5 (5)Reason to hold a Casino Fundraiser

1.) Fun  If you want people to attend an event, it needs to be fun.  Casino Fundraisers are “Fun-raisers” because people play and learn the games in a relaxed atmosphere.

2.) “It’s for the Kids”  If you choose the licensed route and are doing a money-for-chips style event,  “It’s for the kids” will become a familiar phrase.  Losing your hard-earned money to big casinos sometimes makes people angry, but losing in a charity setting and realizing that the money is going to a good cause doesn’t sting so much.

3.) Unique learning experience Many people have never been to a real casino because they find it intimidating.  A Casino Fundraiser is an inexpensive way to learn the most common casino games.  Typically, a hand of blackjack at a real casino costs $25.  At a casino fundraiser, $25 might get you $200 in funny money chips and the table minimum is only $5.  It is easy to see how your money can stretch a lot further at a Casino Party Fundraiser.

4.) Multiple sources of revenue Casino Fundraisers provide multiple opportunities for a charity to raise revenue at the event.  Depending on whether it is a licensed or a non-licensed event, some revenue sources could include: ticket prices, chips for money, split-the-pot raffles, silent auctions, live auctions,  and playing card raffles.

5.) Easy to consistently repeat  One of the best reasons to use a Casino Fundraiser is that it is easy to repeat year after year.  Although some minor tweaking may be needed in a year-after-year event, almost all of our clients who use a Casino Party Fundraiser repeat the event for the next year.

To have fun and make money for charities, a Casino Fundraiser–or FUN-RAISER–is a great choice for a fundraising event. 

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