3 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Casino Night

casino night ideasWhen it comes to planning corporate events, holding a casino night is one of the best ways to bring colleagues together for a night of fun. But even if you have the best casino night ideas, you can’t implement them correctly unless you familiarize yourself with some mistakes people make when planning a casino night. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when planning a casino night.

  1. Mistake: Not having enough gaming accessories

    Make sure you know exactly how many people are coming to your casino night fundraiser or event. Nobody wants to wait around for half an hour just to play a game of poker. Ask the company that will be in charge of your casino rentals how many people can comfortably fit around each table, and plan accordingly. Otherwise, people may get frustrated at the wait times and end up leaving early and disappointed. Keep in mind that gaming accessories also include cup holders, automatic shufflers, a P.A. system, poker chips, custom gaming vouchers, and more.

  2. Mistake: Having boring prizes

    The fun of casino night stems from the excitement of gambling. But if players feel like they have nothing to lose, the games will quickly grow boring. The best way to make sure players are keeping their ‘eyes on the prize’ is to have a variety of exciting prizes for players to trade in their gaming chips for. If you hire the right company, they’ll gladly advertise the myriad of available prizes on their P.A. system, heightening the risk and excitement of the games.

  3. Mistake: Not monitoring alcohol consumption

    Any good casino night should have a bar where players can take a break from high-stakes gaming and relax with a cocktail. However, it’s critical to find a balance. You don’t want your players to get bored without alcohol, but you also don’t want them to drink too much and become belligerent. Many casino rental companies employ dealers who can also bartend, so they can switch out rotation. However you decide to do it, make sure your guests have access to a balanced amount of alcohol.

Ultimately, planning is critical when it comes to throwing a casino night, and even the smallest details can affect how the night goes. More than 36.7 million people visit Las Vegas every year, but if you play your cards right, your guests will feel like they are truly in Vegas. For more information about casino night ideas or corporate event planning, contact GSH Casino Parties.

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