Birthday Party Ideas

Casino Themed Birthday Party Ideas Birthday Party Ideas

Are you considering some unique birthday party ideas for yourself, your best friend, or your significant other for a special birthday?  Whether it will be a 21st, 40th, 50th, or 90th birthday, a Casino Theme Birthday party can help make that special birthday even more memorable. A Birthday party with a casino theme can be a celebration with close family and  friends or a large crowd. GSH Casino Parties can accommodate your needs and make your Special Birthday Bash extraordinary for not only the birthday person but also for all the attendees.

Karaoke is so 80s. Everyone now is into finding the next best birthday party idea. Why not a casino theme birthday party? However, going to an actual casino gives many pause, and for very good reasons . . . too much financial risk, too little gaming knowledge, fear of getting lost in a crowd. A Casino Theme Birthday party eliminates all of those problems. No real money exchanges hands, no expertise in gaming is needed, and you will be among invited friends and family who will help you celebrate that very special birthday.  As an added bonus the dealers from GSH Casino Parties will actually teach you how to play all the games.

Once you select a place for your Special Birthday party and decide on the number of guests, The GSH Group takes care of all the details.  Don’t have a venue, we have you covered; we partner with multiple venues all over Chicagoland area. You need only decide on the kind of games you prefer—Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em, Craps, and/or Roulette.  GSH Casino Parties will provide complete setup of your preferred games along with professional dealers who will not only conduct the games but teach the games and strategies (if needed). Only “funny money” is used at these parties but you can provide some sort of rewards for individuals or teams that have the most chips at the end of the evening.

Details regarding food and the important birthday cake can be arranged to your satisfaction, too. Your job is to show up and enjoy that very Special Birthday party. And, yes, a Casino Theme party doesn’t have to even be for a birthday. You don’t really need a reason to dress up and get all your friends and family together for a fun Casino Party.

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