What I learned in my time as a GSH Group Intern

By Jimmy P.

1. I learned while being a GSH Group Intern that you need to care about who you are doing business with.GSH Casino Parties

a. From watching Girard and Mike demonstrate concern towards their customers.

b. This taught me that by showing that type of care, it makes things easier for the customer because they then trust you.

2. While being a GSH Group Intern I noticed that in order to have a successful business you need to be precise in everything you do.

a. While assuring that everything runs perfectly at each event, they consistently go over what each customer needs to make sure they are ready.

b. I learned that by doing that they make sure the individual who booked them have no stress, because the GSH Group has it all under control.

3. During my time as a GSH Group intern I saw how important communication is to them.

a. Girard and Mike communicate with each other about every client and every prospective client; making sure that no matter what happens, they both know what is going on.

b. Not only do they communicate to themselves but they communicate to the people they do business with just as much. They make numerous follow up calls and emails with customers to keep them updated, confident and relaxed before their event.

c. I learned that in order to keep your customers happy and satisfied you need to regularly check in on them to make sure everything is ready and that you are on the same page.

4. Finally as a GSH Group Intern I realized how organization is a huge part of maintaining a company.

a. While observing Girard and Mike go over sales sheets and their sales calls. I noticed that they keep everything in a system so that they never will lose a file.

b. Before they call a client they look up their file and see what they last talked about, so they are prepared for each and every communication with their customers.

At my time as a GSH Group Intern I learned many valuable details that I believe will help me in my future by watching and being taught by Girard and Mike. They are the perfect example of how to run a premium company the right way.

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