3 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Casino Night for Your Employees

corporate event ideasIn the past, the term company party evoked dread. Another Christmas party where nobody felt comfortable drinking around each other (and the one guy who felt a little too comfortable drinking), another awkward company dinner where everyone is too afraid to order the steak after the CEO ordered the burger, and the annoying part of the evening where you try and split a check 15 different ways.

But party planning has taken on a greater emphasis as the importance of company culture and team building became more widely understood and applied. While there are many benefits of this redoubled attention to corporate events, it does put more pressure on the party planner to come up with fun corporate event ideas.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider a casino theme party for your next corporate event.

  1. Building a Community
    A well fostered corporate community is the key to efficient, happy employees. It can be easy for employees to lose sight of why they are coming to work every day, especially if the results of their work are not always immediately clear. Cultivating a healthy and supportive working environment will allow your employees to support one another and feel a sense of pride in each other. Instead of wanting to compete against each other, they will want to work together for the good of the group. A casino theme party is a great way to allow your employees to get to know each other and form a foundation of mutual understanding and respect that you can then encourage back in the office.
  2. Validate Employees
    While the business may have been a product of your vision and toil when you started, every day your employees take it into their own hands and help shape it. They work hard and make sacrifices to allow your vision to come to fruition. A casino themed party is a great way to thank them. Unlike the more traditional corporate event ideas, a casino allows your employees to unwind and forget about the politics and pressures of work and enjoy a simple diversion. After all, no one will feel appreciated if they spend the evening worrying about whether you will judge them for having a second gin and tonic.
  3. Boost Morale
    People enjoy gambling. In fact, around 40 million people regularly play poker in this country alone. Giving them the opportunity to indulge in their favorite past time with a friendly casino night will make them feel more appreciated, more comfortable, and more dedicated.

If you are looking for creative corporate event ideas, we recommend considering a casino themed party. Your employees will surely love your casino theme party ideas, and you will reap the benefits for months to come.

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