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Seven Tips to Help You Win in a Real Casino

Everyone dreams about winning big in a real casino. When you step up to any casino table/game, you should know that you the odds favor the house and are against your winning. However, a few tips can increase your chances of winning.   1. Play in short increments. The longer you play any game, the […]

No More Boring Corporate Parties: Casino Nights to the Rescue!

Summer is finally here and it’s time to start organizing all your major plans for this year. If you’re sick of having boring work parties and really want to mix it up this year, you should start brainstorming some fun corporate event ideas. Fundraising events, for example, can be a lot of fun if planned […]

3 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Casino Night for Your Employees

In the past, the term company party evoked dread. Another Christmas party where nobody felt comfortable drinking around each other (and the one guy who felt a little too comfortable drinking), another awkward company dinner where everyone is too afraid to order the steak after the CEO ordered the burger, and the annoying part of […]

Make Your next On Site-Convention Memorable

On-Site Convention Entertainment On-site convention entertainment is ideal for entertaining conventioneers. If you are looking to schedule fun convention entertainment, on-site entertainment may fit the bill and a Casino Party night at the convention venue may be the perfect answer. No matter where your convention is held—in a small or rural area with few entertainment […]